• Blasphemy of the Spirit

    Matthew 12:22–32

    Christians may worry that they will commit the unforgivable sin, but they should not fret. After all, Jesus glorifies everyone whom He justifies (Rom. 8:28–30), so He will not let us commit the unpardonable sin and finally fall away. That ...Read More

  • Peaceful Feelings

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  • Looking for Fruit

    Mark 11:12–14

    A fruitless tree is no good at all, and neither is a fruitless disciple. Those who bear no fruit prove that they never had saving faith to begin with, and those who have saving faith demonstrate their trust in Christ ...Read More

  • What Jesus Did Not Know

    Matthew 24:36

    It is not necessarily sinful to be ignorant of a particular fact. Jesus could not know something according to His human nature and still be the sinless and spotless Savior. Still, that Jesus experienced ignorance in His humanity shows us ...Read More

  • When Towers Fall

    Luke 13:1–5

    The real question is not, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Rather, the key issue is, “Why do good things happen to bad people?” Even the best of us has sinned against our infinitely holy God, so we ...Read More

  • A Perplexed Opposition

    John 7:32–36

    It is important for us to be concerned with making good arguments and sound defenses of the Christian faith. But if we do this thinking that our work is sufficient to convince people, we are fooling ourselves. The Spirit must ...Read More

  • Speculating about the Christ

    John 7:25–31

    God made the Sabbath for our sake (Mark 2:27), which means we should not hesitate to do what is good and what produces health on the Lord’s Day. Although the Lord’s Day is a day of rest and worship, it ...Read More

  • Palm Trees and Tent Pegs

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  • Judging with Right Judgment

    John 7:14–24

    Matthew 7:24 tells us that Jesus’ words, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” cannot mean that all of our judgments are wrong. Instead, Jesus wants us not to make wrong judgments. Let us not apply standards to others that ...Read More

  • At the Feast of Booths

    John 7:1–13

    The hatred of Jesus, John Calvin writes, shows that “the Gospel cannot be faithfully preached without summoning the whole world, as guilty, to the judgment-seat of God, that flesh and blood may thus be crushed and reduced to nothing.” People ...Read More