• Children of Abraham

    John 8:33–40

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, “Christianity teaches that by nature we have sinful and corrupt natures that keep us in moral bondage.” This is why we need to be freed, and only the Son can free ...Read More

  • The Mark of True Discipleship

    John 8:31–32

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “It’s not the profession that gets you into the kingdom. It’s the possession. We must possess what we profess.” He refers, of course, to faith. A profession of faith alone will ...Read More

  • How Not to Die in Sin

    John 8:21–30

    It is a sad thing to die alone, to die estranged from family, or to die entirely destitute. Worse still, however, is to die in our sins. If we die in our sins, our end will be judgment, but if ...Read More

  • The Light of the World

    John 8:12–20

    Augustine of Hippo, in a sermon on today’s passage, exhorts us, “Let us love this Light, let us long to understand it, let us thirst for the same; that, with itself for our guide, we may at length come to ...Read More

  • Showing Mercy and Upholding the Law

    John 8:7–11

    While God’s people are to be concerned with justice, we must also be willing to show mercy. If we are never merciful, it may prove that we have not understood God’s mercy to us. Justice is vital, and in God’s ...Read More

  • Rediscovering Contentment

    Read More

  • The Woman Caught in Adultery

    John 7:53–8:6

    Deuteronomy 16:20 stresses that the judges in ancient Israel were to pursue justice and only justice. The religious authorities who brought the adulterous woman before Jesus didn’t care about justice, for they went after the woman only and not the ...Read More

  • The Prophet from Galilee

    John 7:47–52

    Gaining knowledge is a wonderful thing, provided that we do not allow it to make us proud, that we do not puff ourselves up with our education (1 Cor. 8:1). The opponents of Jesus were highly educated men, but because ...Read More

  • Jesus Brings Division

    John 7:40–46

    When confronted with the words and deeds of Jesus, no one can finally remain neutral. One will believe Him or reject Him; there is no middle ground. When we proclaim Jesus and His gospel accurately, there will be division. Some ...Read More

  • Rivers of Living Water

    John 7:37–39

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, “With the Spirit’s coming . . . the priesthood of all believers became a reality—every member of the community of faith was endowed by the Holy Spirit, empowered from on high ...Read More