• The Heights from Which We Have Fallen

    Genesis 1:27

    If, as the Bible tells us, man in sin has turned 180 degrees away from his original state, then we must have had an exalted original state indeed. Since, even though every part of us is tainted by sin, we ...Read More

  • Spiritual Blindness

    John 9:34–41

    God is under no obligation to save anyone, and those who harden themselves against Him have no claim on His grace. All of us must take care not to reject the light of Christ, lest we be blinded to His ...Read More

  • Opening Blind Eyes

    John 9:24–33

    In today’s world, many people are claiming to have experienced miracles such as seeing the dead raised, the lame walk, and so forth. Yet when you press such people for evidence, it suddenly becomes hard for them to find proof. ...Read More

  • Technology and the Christian

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  • Division among the Pharisees

    John 9:8–23

    Over the course of John 9, the man born blind goes from knowing Jesus’ name to calling Him a prophet to confessing Him as Lord (9:10, 17, 38). This progression indicates a growth in the man’s understanding and faith. We ...Read More

  • The Man Born Blind

    John 9:1–7

    John Calvin comments, “We cannot always put our finger on the causes of the punishments which men endure.” We may not infer automatically that a person who is suffering has committed a specific sin. Sometimes the suffering is related to ...Read More

  • The Incarnate I Am

    John 8:56–59

    Some people are willing to put Jesus on the same plane as other renowned religious leaders such as Buddha or Muhammad. In light of Jesus’ claims about Himself, however, we cannot do that. Jesus is not just another religious sage—He ...Read More

  • The One Who Seeks Christ’s Glory

    John 8:48–55

    Human beings fear death and seek to avoid it at nearly all costs. But there is only one way to escape death, and that is to keep—believe—the word of Jesus. He is the only One who can rescue us from ...Read More

  • Children of the Devil

    John 8:41–47

    John Calvin comments, “There is no piety and no fear of God where Christ is rejected.” No matter how outwardly pious a person may seem, he is a child of the devil if he rejects Christ. Our response should be ...Read More

  • Talking about Sin and Repentance

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