• The Ark of the Covenant Captured

    1 Samuel 4:1b–11

    There are many people in churches all around the world who think that they are right with God simply because they attend worship services, sing in the choir, volunteer on cleanup days, or otherwise participate in a congregation’s activities. But ...Read More

  • Samson Victorious

    Judges 16:23–31

    As Christians, our goal should be to receive commendation as faithful servants of God without the attendant shortcomings and sins of the judges. We must be grateful that God uses imperfect people, for we are all sinners, but we must ...Read More

  • Samson Defeated

    Judges 16:1–22

    We fall into sin when our desires overcome our dedication to the Lord. When this happens, God is gracious to forgive us when we repent (1 John 1:8–9), but our goal should be to fight our sinful desires so that ...Read More

  • Samson Avenges Himself on the Philistines

    Judges 15

    We are not all guilty of the same gross sins that Samson committed, but he does stand as an example of one who was at the same time a servant of God and a great sinner. That is true of ...Read More

  • Samson Breaks His Vow

    Judges 14

    God’s sovereign plan cannot be thwarted by our sin. Nevertheless, we should not be eager to sin in order to prove this point. Sin brings serious consequences and pain, so it is far better for us if God works through ...Read More

  • Jephthah’s Rash Vow

    Judges 11:29–40

    If God’s grace did not cover the sins of God’s people, then we would be utterly without hope. Believers can do awful things, and thanks be to God, they are forgiven when they turn to Christ. However, that does not ...Read More

  • How Should We Confess Our Sins?

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  • Giving and Withholding Forgiveness

    John 20:23

    James 5:16 exhorts us to confess our sins to one another. While confessing our private sins to others is not required to receive God’s forgiveness, there is benefit in such confession. Others can remind us of God’s promises to forgive ...Read More

  • Joy and Strength

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  • The Extent of the Atonement

    Matthew 1:18–21

    The issue of the atonement’s extent has to do with the justice of God. If God is just, He cannot pour out His wrath again after it has been perfectly satisfied. If Jesus’ work saves only His people from their ...Read More