• God’s Love for the World

    John 3:16

    Our culture tends to think that it is a given that God loves the world. However, we know that nothing compels God to love creation. In fact, it would be right for the Lord to have nothing but hatred for ...Read More

  • The Son of Man Lifted Up

    John 3:14–15

    People are looking for salvation in many different places—in their bank accounts, relationships, careers, families, and so on. There is, however, only one place where salvation can be found, and that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. To search for ...Read More

  • The Witness of Jesus

    John 3:11–13

    Because Jesus has come from heaven, from the very presence of God Himself, we can believe what He says. His teaching should be received without question, and a failure to believe Him is a failure to submit to Him as ...Read More

  • It’s So Easy to Be Jealous

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  • Mysterious Regeneration

    John 3:9–10

    Baptism gives us a visible picture of cleansing and thus a visible picture of purification. However, baptism itself does not effect regeneration. That is the work of the Holy Spirit, who changes the hearts of those whom He has chosen, ...Read More

  • Irresistible Regeneration

    John 3:7–8

    When we say the grace of regeneration is irresistible, we do not deny that people can resist the Holy Spirit for a time. The point is that the Spirit can and will finally overcome all resistance to the truth in ...Read More

  • Our Need for Regeneration

    John 3:3–6

    We will discuss regeneration more over the next few studies. Today, let us remember, as Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, that “no one is born a Christian.” We cannot assume that our children are Christians just ...Read More

  • Nicodemus Comes to Jesus

    John 3:1–2

    That Jesus received and spoke with Nicodemus even though his faith was mixed with fear is encouraging to us. It shows us that we need not fear running to Jesus even when we feel like our faith is weak. In ...Read More

  • Jesus and the Hearts of Men

    John 2:23–25

    We can hide our motivations and thoughts from other people, but we can never hide them from Jesus. We should be honest with Him about our sin, because He knows it anyway, and the way to find forgiveness is to ...Read More

  • Wonder and Awe

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