• God’s Glory in Judgment

    Isaiah 66:15–24

    God’s glory will be shown on the last day when He executes final judgment. On that day, the whole world will see His righteousness as everything is set right and the wicked get the justice they deserve. Let us give ...Read More

  • God’s Glory in Salvation

    Romans 9:22–24

    When we take our salvation for granted, we take God’s glory for granted, and His mercy is obscured. But when we seek to understand the depth of our sin and the sheer mercy of God, we will gain a better ...Read More

  • God’s Glory as Creator

    Revelation 4:11

    It is easy for us to take the existence of the universe for granted, to think that we are owed things simply because they exist. However, nothing would exist if God had not created the universe, so we should regularly ...Read More

  • God’s Consuming Glory

    Exodus 33:17–23

    That God in His glory is a consuming fire should shape us in many ways. It should make us more reverent in worship and more humble in prayer, for the God with whom we deal is not to be trifled ...Read More

  • God’s Glory and Our Joy

    Psalm 105:3

    For all eternity, we will find our joy in the infinite glory of God. We proclaim the gospel and call people to bow to the glory of the Lord not only because He has commanded us to do so but ...Read More

  • The Sovereign Glory of God

    Psalm 8

    Because God is glorious, He is sovereign over all things. Because God is sovereign over all things, He is glorious. We cannot separate these attributes of His character, and one of the reasons that we emphasize the complete sovereignty of ...Read More

  • Glory and Purity

    John 12:41

    We will not love what is holy if God does not make us holy, and in Christ the Lord not only declares us righteous in our justification but He purifies us in our sanctification. If we trust in Jesus, we ...Read More

  • The Eternal Weight of Glory

    2 Corinthians 4:17

    How much worth do you ascribe to the Lord? We are apt to spend a great deal of time thinking about and working for that which we value highly, so the amount of time we dedicate to thinking about God’s ...Read More

  • The Glory of Divine Beauty

    Isaiah 28:5

    God has an inherent beauty of glory that cannot be shared with mere creatures. However, there is a beauty He bestows on His people, the beauty of Christ’s perfect righteousness that will vindicate us as God’s children and citizens of ...Read More

  • The Light of Glory

    Exodus 34:29–35

    Scripture gives us many indications of what the glory of God means, but like His other attributes, God’s glory is not fully comprehensible to creatures. There is a greatness and magnificence to the Lord that cannot be expressed, and we ...Read More