• Sacraments in Worship

    Acts 2:42

    In today’s church, some Christians believe that the sacraments can be a private affair, that it is right to take the Lord’s Supper in the privacy of one’s home apart from public worship. Scripture shows us otherwise. The sacraments are ...Read More

  • Prayer in Worship

    Acts 2:42

    We often think of prayer as a spiritual discipline for private worship and devotion, and so it is. But prayer is also a public devotion that is to be a part of corporate worship. When we sing hymns or pray ...Read More

  • The Time of Worship

    Revelation 1:10

    Churches may establish other non-obligatory days of worship and celebration besides the first day of the week. However, the only Christian day of worship that must be observed is the Lord’s Day. Let us take our responsibility to worship and ...Read More

  • God’s Holy People

    <p>Ephesians 1:1</p>

    As is true of the church’s unity, the church’s holiness is an already/not-yet reality. Already the church is holy in position, but we are not yet fully holy in practice. Thus, we are called to pursue personal holiness and to ...Read More

  • Keeping the Lord’s Day

    Deuteronomy 5:12–15

    Discussions continue about what we can and cannot do on the Christian Sabbath. While these discussions are important, what is vital is that we are setting apart the Lord’s Day as holy by gathering for worship with God’s people and ...Read More

  • Images and Idols

    Exodus 20:4–5

    In light of the second commandment regarding the prohibition of graven images, we should think carefully about the use of images in all of life. Images can be powerful conveyors of truth or error, so let us consider and be ...Read More

  • Press On

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  • Judgment on the Temple

    Mark 11:15–17

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark, “The Jews hoped that the Messiah would cleanse the temple of Gentiles, but Jesus cleansed the temple for the Gentiles.” Christ judged the wicked and showed grace to His chosen in ...Read More

  • The Worship of Angels?

    Revelation 22:8–9

    As Protestants, we might not be tempted to pray to angels, but we must be on guard against the idolatrous ideas that may creep into our own thinking. Maybe we start trusting angels, ever so slightly, to preserve us and ...Read More

  • The Angelic Host of Heaven

    Revelation 4

    Scripture never teaches that human beings are transformed into angels when they reach heaven. However, it does report that we will see God face-to-face. We can hardly imagine what this will be like, but we know it cannot be compared ...Read More