• A Tragic Cycle

    Judges 2

    Today, the people of God face the same temptations that Israel faced in the era of the judges. Our land is filled with false gods and false worship practices, and if we are not careful, they can lead us astray. ...Read More

  • Joshua’s Farewell

    Joshua 24

    John Calvin comments on Joshua 24:19–20 that “no general rule is laid down [for all sin], but the discourse is directed, as often elsewhere, against their disobedient temper. It does not refer to faults in general, or to special faults, ...Read More

  • Unseen Warriors

    Daniel 12:1

    God shows His tender care for His people in giving His angels to us to minister to us and to do battle for our sakes. We do not know how often the angels intervene to protect us, but we do ...Read More

  • Israel’s Northern Campaign

    Joshua 11

    The description of Israel’s territory in Joshua 11 does not mean that there were no Canaanites left at all while Joshua was alive. Nevertheless, the success in the northern campaign meant that the land was essentially Israel’s, that God had ...Read More

  • The Fall of Jericho

    Joshua 6

    God has called His people into a spiritual battle, which we must fight according to God’s ways. If we follow our own strategies, we will surely fail, but the Lord will bless us when we fight according to the means ...Read More

  • Strongholds and Supremacy

    Read More

  • Shepherding the Flock of God

    1 Peter 5:1–5

    While some pastors are guilty of being domineering over their flocks, most are humble servants of God who need our encouragement more than anything else. Words of encouragement to godly pastors are a great way we can support our leaders. ...Read More

  • Submission to Authority

    1 Peter 2:13–14

    That we must obey earthly authorities unless they command us to do something God forbids or forbid us to do something God commands is an easy principle to memorize but hard to apply. Before we disobey a lawful authority, we ...Read More

  • Joseph and Nicodemus Bury Jesus

    John 19:38–42

    It is sin to hide our allegiance to Christ (Matt. 10:32–33), but it is not unforgivable. The key is that we repent of being ashamed or afraid of our identification with Christ and publicly declare that we are His disciples. ...Read More

  • Pilate Sentences Jesus to Death

    John 19:12–16a

    The crucifixion of Jesus is the supreme example that God is working in all things for the good of His people (Rom. 8:28). The crucifixion of Jesus was the most heinous evil ever done in the history of mankind, and ...Read More