• Pursuing Assurance

    1 John 5:13

    The parable of the sower indicates that it is possible to profess faith and yet not possess it. But it is through the possession of faith that we are saved, not through the mere profession of faith. If you are ...Read More

  • The Benefits of Fasting

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  • Believing in and Obeying the Son

    John 3:36

    None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, and that is why people must be urged to trust in Christ right now. Any time someone hears the gospel might be the last time they hear it, so we must urge ...Read More

  • The Father’s Love for His Son

    John 3:35

    God has revealed Himself fully and finally in His Son, Jesus Christ. But how do we know Christ? Only through the Holy Scriptures, the Old and the New Testaments, which are given by God and so are the words of ...Read More

  • The Divine Testimony of Jesus

    John 3:31–34

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “We do not assign to the doctrine of Christ all that it deserves, unless we acknowledge it to be divine.” Many people see Jesus as a wise human teacher, but that is insufficient. He ...Read More

  • Christ Increasing

    John 3:22–30

    Christianity proclaims that the way up is the way down. We are to humble ourselves before God and to serve others. The Lord takes note of such humility and promises to finally exalt His humble servants. The acclaim we receive ...Read More

  • Doing the Truth

    John 3:21

    How do we know that we love and practice what is fully good and true? We cannot determine that simply by looking at our works. We must look also to our faith. If we have come to Christ in faith ...Read More

  • Church Matters

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  • Loving the Darkness

    John 3:19–20

    John Calvin comments, “Unbelief is a testimony of a bad conscience; and hence it is evident that it is their own wickedness which hinders unbelievers from approaching to Christ.” People do not believe in Jesus because they love their sin, ...Read More

  • Why God Sent His Son

    John 3:17–18

    We proclaim Christ as Savior because the primary purpose for His coming into the world was to provide salvation. Yet, we cannot forget that condemnation also results when people reject Him. As you share the gospel with others, take care ...Read More