• Solomon’s Final Days

    1 Kings 11:9–43

    God showed tremendous grace to Solomon during his final days on the throne. He did not depose Solomon and thus did not let him see the full consequences of his actions. So often, God does the same with us. We ...Read More

  • Solomon’s Disobedience

    1 Kings 10:14–11:8

    Scripture calls us to honor the leaders whom God has set over us. That means we are to follow their guidance insofar as they do not ask us to sin. At the same time, Scripture encourages us not to put ...Read More

  • Joab and Shimei Eliminated

    1 Kings 2:28–46

    Today’s passage concludes by telling us that the kingdom of God was established (1 Kings 2:46). This was possible only by grace, for David’s and Solomon’s actions during the transfer of kingship were sinful. Because all of us are sinners, ...Read More

  • Signs of Trouble to Come

    2 Samuel 19:24–43

    As we will see, Israel would be divided into two kingdoms after the death of Solomon. However, signs of the future division were evident as early as David’s reign. When we are facing trouble, we can often look back and ...Read More

  • David on the Run

    1 Samuel 21

    Scripture does not tell us directly whether David’s lie and feigning of insanity were right. Perhaps they were justifiable under the circumstances. What we do see in 1 Samuel 21 is that God provided weapons and food to David and ...Read More

  • The Threat of Goliath

    1 Samuel 17:1–37

    Like Goliath, many of God’s enemies will cry out against Him and taunt His people, believing that the Lord cannot win the victory. However, the Lord God Almighty can deliver us from our enemies, and He will do this ultimately ...Read More

  • Israel Puts Away Foreign Gods

    1 Samuel 7

    Today’s passage shows us that we cannot expect God’s blessing apart from lives of repentance. Although our Lord is exceedingly gracious and frequently blesses us even when we remain in sin, we dare not presume upon His kindness. If we ...Read More

  • The Ark Returns to Israel

    1 Samuel 6

    The Bible reveals a God who cannot be manipulated by human beings. However, God’s people have not always embraced this truth consistently. In Samuel’s day, they treated the ark as a talisman and looked inside it when they were not ...Read More

  • Yahweh Versus Dagon

    1 Samuel 5

    Even believers can be tempted to engage in a religious syncretism that is not much different from what the Philistines practiced. How many professing Christians make sure they have all their religious “bases covered” by consulting horoscopes, believing in superstitions, ...Read More

  • The Model Judge

    Judges 3:1–11

    God delights to use people to accomplish His purposes, but we should take care to give Him the credit. He empowers our faithfulness, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Let us take time today to thank the Lord ...Read More