• Lazarus Resurrected

    John 11:36–44

    When God speaks to call forth life, life is always imparted. We see this in the creation narrative, in the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and in the spiritual rebirth that occurs in regeneration. When the Holy Spirit attends ...Read More

  • Entering His People’s Affliction

    John 11:28–35

    Although we often sin in the expression of our emotions, the same is not true of Jesus. Calvin writes that “in Christ the feelings were adjusted and regulated in obedience to God, and were altogether free from sin.” This means ...Read More

  • How Not to Die in Sin

    John 8:21–30

    It is a sad thing to die alone, to die estranged from family, or to die entirely destitute. Worse still, however, is to die in our sins. If we die in our sins, our end will be judgment, but if ...Read More

  • Rivers of Living Water

    John 7:37–39

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, “With the Spirit’s coming . . . the priesthood of all believers became a reality—every member of the community of faith was endowed by the Holy Spirit, empowered from on high ...Read More

  • Drawing People to Faith

    John 6:41–44

    John Calvin comments, “The Gospel, though it is preached to all without exception, cannot be embraced by all … a new understanding and a new perception are requisite; … faith does not depend on the will of men, but that ...Read More

  • True Bread from Heaven

    John 6:30–35

    We can find eternal life only in Jesus. He alone can feed our souls with the bread of life. This means that no matter how much someone might appear to be dedicated to the Scriptures, they are not saved if ...Read More

  • Confessing Jesus with Your Mouth

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  • Father and Son Together

    John 5:19–24

    Because we are not God, we can never achieve the same kind of unity with our Creator that Jesus has. Nevertheless, we can bring our wills and desires in line with His, just as the Son wants to do only ...Read More

  • The Father and the Son’s Sabbath Labor

    John 5:15–18

    God’s rest on the Sabbath is a model for ours (Gen. 2:1–3). Thus, if God works on the Sabbath to preserve the universe, the cessation of ordinary labor on the Sabbath does not equal idleness on our part. We are ...Read More

  • The Food that Sustained Jesus

    John 4:31–34

    As Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, Jesus’ “zeal, His passion—was to do everything that the Father sent Him to do.” Only Jesus had such perfect passion, and that is why we need Him as our Savior. ...Read More