• A Pious Family from Ephraim

    1 Samuel 1:1–18

    Even in the midst of a period of spiritual barrenness in Israel, there were true believers such as Elkanah and Hannah. God always has His remnant, and even in the darkest of days we can shine as lights that point ...Read More

  • Bethlehem Ephrathah

    Micah 5:2

    God does not often choose what is exalted and honored in the eyes of the world. Instead, He loves to choose what is lowly and apparently insignificant in order to accomplish His purposes, just as He did when He chose ...Read More

  • The Messiah in Prophecy

    Isaiah 9:1–7

    In this fallen world, people long for peace between family members, between coworkers, and between neighbors. Lasting peace is possible, however, only through submission to the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus. When we bow to Him in faith, we are ...Read More

  • The Messiah in History

    Galatians 4:4–5

    The Christian faith is not an irrational creed that says it does not matter if what the Bible describes is real. Christianity is grounded in history, and it asserts that God entered into space and time to save His people. ...Read More

  • A Prison for Our Souls

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  • A Story of Hesed

    Ruth 4:13–22

    God has shown us unwavering covenant loyalty and love—hesed—and we are to show the same in return to Him and to His people. We cannot do that without the aid of the Holy Spirit, whom the Lord gives to all ...Read More

  • Boaz Redeems Elimelech’s Line

    Ruth 4:1–12

    Boaz is a preeminent example of selflessness, willing to risk the loss of his own name so that he could make sure that the name and line of his relative Elimelech would not pass away. This kind of selflessness in ...Read More

  • Naomi Sees God’s Kindness

    Ruth 2:19–3:5

    Naomi found evidences of God’s covenant loyalty in the provision of Boaz the redeemer. We can find evidences of God’s covenant loyalty and kindness in our lives as well. Let us consider today the many ways that God has been ...Read More

  • Ruth Gleans in Boaz’s Field

    Ruth 2:1–18

    We are not to add to God’s law, but we know that the law is meant to be followed in its spirit, not just in its letter. Just as the commandment against adultery, for example, was to encourage people to ...Read More

  • Coping with Anxiety

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