• The Law’s Revelation of Sin

    Romans 7:7–13

    God’s law shows us the depth of our sin and thus can lead us to despair. That is why we must never preach the law without also preaching the gospel. The law gives us the bad news that we are ...Read More

  • A Litany of Wickedness

    Romans 1:29–31

    Human beings continually think of themselves in a more favorable light than they should. Today’s passage, however, should disabuse us of that proclivity. Even the most “minor” sin is evidence that at a fundamental level, we do not want the ...Read More

  • No One Is Righteous

    Romans 3:10–11

    Martin Luther comments on Romans 3:11, “This statement pertains both to those who manifestly do not seek God as well as to those who seek Him or rather think they are seeking Him, because they do not seek Him in ...Read More

  • The “Normalcy” of Sin

    Romans 1:24–31

    We are inclined to make light of common sins, even saying such things as “boys will be boys” to excuse transgressions. Yet we dare not think that God ever takes sin lightly. Sin might be “normal” in the sense that ...Read More

  • Radical Corruption

    Romans 1:21–23

    We must continually renew our minds according to the Word of God because sin has affected our thinking. Even we who have received the grace of the Lord’s salvation do not always use our reason in service to our Creator. ...Read More

  • The Restraint of the Law

    1 Timothy 1:8–11

    People still sin inwardly under the restraining influence of the law, but the threats of the law do keep us from acting on many of our thoughts and thereby keep civil society alive. We should be grateful for this restraint ...Read More

  • Ruin, Misery, and Bloodshed

    Romans 3:15–17

    Although there is a decisive break with our past lives at conversion so that the power of sin is broken, the gospel is not something we need only at that point. As we continue to sin and shed blood through ...Read More

  • Seeking God’s Statutes

    Psalm 119:153–160

    We will not be saved by our own keeping of the law, for we are sinners and cannot keep the law perfectly. However, exposure to the law of God is necessary for salvation, for it is by the law that ...Read More

  • The Sinfulness of Sin

    Romans 1:32

    Our radical corruption is plainly evident in our attempt to excuse the sins of others and to find people who will approve of our transgressions. Misery loves company, and unless God changes us, we would rather suffer condemnation together than ...Read More

  • Things That Fall Out Freely

    Isaiah 10:5–7

    Human beings always do what they most want to do in a given situation. God’s sovereignty over our decisions is not such that He forces us to act against our wills. No one can stand before God and say “You ...Read More