• How Should We Confess Our Sins?

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  • Grace for the Gibeonites

    Joshua 9

    Some people, like the Gibeonites, join the church under false pretenses. While we should work to make sure that does not happen, it is also true that those who join the church with a false profession of faith may come ...Read More

  • Covenant Renewal on Ebal

    Joshua 8:30–35

    Matthew Henry sees in today’s passage and its covenant renewal worship service a model for our participation in worship. Given that all Israel was there, even the children, Henry says that “all that are capable of learning must come to ...Read More

  • The Israelites Conquer Ai

    Joshua 8:1–29

    Being a member of the visible covenant community does not mean that one will necessarily escape God’s curse. God will destroy His enemies, and His enemies include those who profess to follow Him and yet do not come to saving ...Read More

  • Achan’s Sin at Ai

    Joshua 7

    None of us should think that our private sins will not have an effect on others. Persistent, impenitent, serious sin can bring shame on the church and mar its holiness. This is one reason why we must be quick to ...Read More

  • The Fall of Jericho

    Joshua 6

    God has called His people into a spiritual battle, which we must fight according to God’s ways. If we follow our own strategies, we will surely fail, but the Lord will bless us when we fight according to the means ...Read More

  • True Rest

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  • Joshua Meets The Commander of God’s Army

    Joshua 5:13–15

    The figure in today’s passage did not rebuke Joshua for worshiping him, which is another proof that Joshua had an encounter with God Himself (see Rev. 22:8–9). This encounter shows us that when we fight the battles God has commissioned ...Read More

  • Israel Obeys the Covenant

    Joshua 5:1–12

    An outward act of obedience in itself does not prove that genuine faith is present, but we have no reason to believe genuine faith is present if we never see any outward acts of obedience to God’s covenant demands. True ...Read More

  • Memorial Stones

    Joshua 4

    Since we are a part of the people of God, what He did for old covenant Israel He did also to bolster our faith. We cannot see Joshua’s memorial today, but we can remember what God has done as we ...Read More