• Saul, Son of Kish

    1 Samuel 9:1–2

    It is no sin to be attractive physically, but the beauty of youth fades over time. What does not fade, however, is the godly character that God produces in His people through sanctification. We should all pursue personal godliness as ...Read More

  • Israel Sinfully Demands a King

    1 Samuel 8

    The Bible tells us that God will often hand people over to sin when they pursue what they should not pursue. He did this when His people sinfully demanded a king in the days of Samuel, giving them King Saul, ...Read More

  • Israel Puts Away Foreign Gods

    1 Samuel 7

    Today’s passage shows us that we cannot expect God’s blessing apart from lives of repentance. Although our Lord is exceedingly gracious and frequently blesses us even when we remain in sin, we dare not presume upon His kindness. If we ...Read More

  • Peter, a Servant of God

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  • The Glory Departs from Israel

    1 Samuel 4:12–22

    God will never abandon the invisible church—all those who trust in Him. However, He will reject the visible church—all those who profess faith, including those who have no trust in Christ to match their words—when it declines into error. When ...Read More

  • The Ark of the Covenant Captured

    1 Samuel 4:1b–11

    There are many people in churches all around the world who think that they are right with God simply because they attend worship services, sing in the choir, volunteer on cleanup days, or otherwise participate in a congregation’s activities. But ...Read More

  • The Lord Calls Samuel

    1 Samuel 3:1–4:1a

    We may be quick to tell others how to hear from God, but are we listening to Him ourselves? We are called to pay heed to the Lord, listening to Him through our study of His Word so that we ...Read More

  • Hannah’s Song And Eli’s Sons

    1 Samuel 2

    Sadly, it is all too easy for us, like Hophni and Phineas, to come to a point where we treat the things of God with contempt. This may be a particular danger for church leaders who regularly handle the Lord’s ...Read More

  • Truth in a World of Lies

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  • God Remembers Hannah

    1 Samuel 1:19–28

    It is a blessing indeed that God will never forget His people. He will never abandon His covenant of salvation with those who have trusted in Him. Thus, even if we think He is absent, He is actually working behind ...Read More