• The Betrayal of Christ

    John 13:21–30

    Jesus was troubled at the trial that lay ahead of Him, but He was able to persevere in obedience because of His unwavering trust in His Father. Though we will never have to endure what Jesus did, we may find ...Read More

  • The Reality of Forgiveness

    John 8:36

    To question our forgiveness when we have confessed our sin to God and turned from it, ironically, is to incur more sin. It is a sin to disbelieve God, and that is what we do when we hold onto our ...Read More

  • The Solution of Forgiveness

    Psalm 32

    The objective reality of our forgiveness is far more important than our subjective feelings about it. If we have trusted in Christ, then our sin has been atoned for and we are now the righteousness of God in Him (2 ...Read More

  • God Doesn’t Tell Us Everything

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  • Our Consciences and Our Guilt

    Jeremiah 3:3

    The Holy Spirit works through our reading, studying, and hearing God’s Word in order to awaken us to our guilt. He particularly works through our study of the law of God to convict us of sin and to point us ...Read More

  • Our Unpayable Debt

    Romans 3:23

    Our only hope for repaying our debt of sin to our infinitely holy God is for another to pay it in our place. Only the infinite God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, can repay the debt we owe. ...Read More

  • Addressing Our Guilt

    Romans 2:14–15

    Many thinkers have observed that human beings have a sense of “oughtness.” We know that we ought to do certain things, that we must live in a morally upright manner. That sense of “oughtness” comes from God, and we can ...Read More

  • Objective and Subjective Guilt

    Romans 3:9

    As with other matters in the Christian life, our final objective standard is the Word of God. Only God’s Word can tell us whether we are actually guilty and need forgiveness, so we must study God’s Word in order to ...Read More

  • Receiving the One Whom Jesus Sends

    John 13:18–20

    Jesus’ words in today’s passage apply not only to non-Christians but also to us who have trusted Him as Savior and Lord. When we do not receive honest words of rebuke or commendation that are based on Scripture and spoken ...Read More

  • Sabbath Consciousness

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