• Old Tears

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  • Sorrow, Joy, and Answered Prayer

    John 16:20–24

    Although we may certainly pray to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, the normal pattern for prayer that Jesus has given to us is to approach the Father in the name of the Son and by the power of ...Read More

  • The Disciples’ Confusion

    John 16:16–19

    Sometimes we may find ourselves confused by something Jesus says or by something else recorded in Scripture. At such times, we must remember that the problem is not the Scriptures but us. Sometimes we read something that is hard to ...Read More

  • The Spirit’s Guidance

    John 16:12–15

    By His Holy Spirit, God has continued to be with His church to lead us into all truth. However, special revelation such as we have in the Holy Scriptures has ceased. Until the return of Jesus, we should expect no ...Read More

  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    John 16:4b–11

    The Holy Spirit was active in the world before the ascension of Jesus, but the outpouring of the Spirit as the result of Jesus’ ministry has meant a mightier work of the Spirit among the nations. People around the world ...Read More

  • The Persecution to Come

    John 16:1–4a

    The world will hate the followers of Jesus, and sometimes this hatred will show itself in vicious persecution. Let us be conscious of this possibility and do what we can to order our lives so that we will be less ...Read More

  • The Pastor’s Prayer Life

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  • The Witness of God’s Spirit and People

    John 15:26–27

    Christ is with His people in the power of the Spirit in order to guard us and make us effective witnesses to Him. We dare not rest in our own strength, for we cannot remain true to the gospel on ...Read More

  • Inexcusable Sin

    John 15:22–25

    Jesus tells us in today’s passage that whoever hates Him also hates the Father (John 15:23). It is impossible to love God without also loving Jesus, so it is impossible to be reconciled to God except through faith in Christ ...Read More

  • The World’s Hatred

    John 15:18–21

    In his commentary John, Dr. R.C. Sproul writes, “We are not supposed to go looking for persecution or hostility, but if we never experience it, that should be a wake-up call to tell us we may not be as ...Read More