• The Only Way to the Father

    John 14:4–6

    It is scandalous in our age that Jesus is the only way to the Father. But to confess otherwise is tantamount to rejecting our Lord. Dr. Sproul comments that “if [we] deny that [Jesus is the only way to God, ...Read More

  • A Place Prepared for Us

    John 14:1–3

    There are many rooms in the Father’s house, which means there is ample space in glory for all who trust in Jesus alone. Even now, Jesus is preparing a place for us, a place that will be far better than ...Read More

  • Peter’s Overconfidence

    John 13:36–38

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “The failures of Judas, of Peter, and of their fellow disciples should cause us to fall to our knees in surrender, asking Christ to cause us to stand. Only by His ...Read More

  • Blessings of Repentance

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  • A New Commandment from Christ

    John 13:34–35

    Love for those who wrong us does not mean enduring significant abuse. The way we love someone who has wronged us is not identical to the way we love someone who has done nothing but good to us. Nevertheless, in ...Read More

  • The Glorification of the Son of Man

    John 13:31–33

    Without the cross, there is no Christianity. In the atoning death of Jesus is revealed the glory of our triune God, and if we do not preach the cross, then we are failing to glorify our Creator. When we share ...Read More

  • The Betrayal of Christ

    John 13:21–30

    Jesus was troubled at the trial that lay ahead of Him, but He was able to persevere in obedience because of His unwavering trust in His Father. Though we will never have to endure what Jesus did, we may find ...Read More

  • The Reality of Forgiveness

    John 8:36

    To question our forgiveness when we have confessed our sin to God and turned from it, ironically, is to incur more sin. It is a sin to disbelieve God, and that is what we do when we hold onto our ...Read More

  • The Solution of Forgiveness

    Psalm 32

    The objective reality of our forgiveness is far more important than our subjective feelings about it. If we have trusted in Christ, then our sin has been atoned for and we are now the righteousness of God in Him (2 ...Read More

  • God Doesn’t Tell Us Everything

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