• Lord of the Nations

    2 Kings 8:7–15

    God’s people have lived under regimes that have been friendly to them and also those that have been hostile to them. As King over the nations, the Lord causes both kinds of regimes to rise and fall according to His ...Read More

  • Covenant Curses upon Israel

    2 Kings 6:8–7:20

    As we continue our study of the Old Testament Historical Books, we should be in awe of the Lord’s patience with His people. He preserved Israel and Judah far longer than they deserved, continually sending prophets to plead with the ...Read More

  • Grace to a Syrian Commander

    2 Kings 5

    God freely bestows salvation on those whom He chooses, even those whom we might think are the least likely candidates for it. We are not to demand of those to whom God shows His grace more than He demands of ...Read More

  • When God Is Enough

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  • Elisha and a Shunammite Family

    2 Kings 4:8–37; 8:1–6

    It is easy for us to get attached to specific teachers and ministers whom the Lord has used to greatly bless us. However, while we should esteem faithful servants of God, we must never elevate their words to the level ...Read More

  • The Miracles of Elisha

    2 Kings 4:1–7, 38–44; 6:1–7

    The Lord knows our real needs better than we do, so sometimes He does things for us that we did not expect or addresses needs that we did not know we had. Still, we know that the Lord is concerned ...Read More

  • God’s Regard for the King of Judah

    2 Kings 3

    Our only hope is that our holy Creator shows regard for us because of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In ourselves, we are not deserving of the Lord’s blessing. In fact, we deserve only God’s wrath. But if we ...Read More

  • Elisha Begins His Ministry

    2 Kings 2:15–25

    Matthew Henry comments on the boys who opposed Elisha: “Let the hideous shrieks and groans of this wicked, wretched brood make our flesh tremble for fear of God.” The Lord does not take the mockery of His Word lightly, so ...Read More

  • Elisha Succeeds Elijah

    1 Kings 19:19–21; 2 Kings 2:1–14

    Leaders of God’s people come and go, but His Word remains. No figure besides the Lord is indispensable in His kingdom, which is why we should not esteem any teacher or leader more than we esteem the Lord. God’s kingdom ...Read More

  • Christian Amnesia

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