• Messengers of God

    Luke 1:5–38

    The authority of a message from an angel or anyone else claiming to speak for God depends on whether that person actually is speaking God’s message. As Paul tells us in Galatians, if even an angel proclaims a gospel other ...Read More

  • Unseen Warriors

    Daniel 12:1

    God shows His tender care for His people in giving His angels to us to minister to us and to do battle for our sakes. We do not know how often the angels intervene to protect us, but we do ...Read More

  • The Living Creatures around the Throne of God

    Revelation 4

    The ultimate purpose of our redemption is that we will dwell with God and see Him as He is (1 John 3:1–2). We can hardly imagine what that we will be like, but we know that it will be infinitely ...Read More

  • The Seraphim Worship Our Holy God

    Isaiah 6:1–7

    The holiness of the God revealed in the Bible sets Him apart from all other gods. If we downplay or neglect this holiness, therefore, we are in danger of committing idolatry, of not speaking of God in the way that ...Read More

  • Are You Open to Correction?

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  • Caleb Receives His Inheritance

    Joshua 14:6–15

    True faith in God recognizes that everything we have, including our lives, comes from His hand. True faith in God also rests on the promises of the Lord, believing what He has revealed. If we are to have the kind ...Read More

  • An Incomplete Conquest

    Joshua 12:1–13:7

    The incomplete conquest under Joshua and the need to continue trusting in God in order to possess all of Canaan can illustrate the need to persevere in faith. It was not enough for Israel to succeed under Joshua. The people ...Read More

  • Israel’s Northern Campaign

    Joshua 11

    The description of Israel’s territory in Joshua 11 does not mean that there were no Canaanites left at all while Joshua was alive. Nevertheless, the success in the northern campaign meant that the land was essentially Israel’s, that God had ...Read More

  • Israel’s Southern Campaign

    Joshua 10:16–43

    Because of complacency or neglect, some of the cities Joshua conquered would rise again to threaten the Israelites. We may not go into battle against other cities, but if we are complacent or neglectful, the world, the flesh, and the ...Read More

  • The Sun Stands Still

    Joshua 10:1–15

    God continues to fight for His people today, particularly in and through the kingship of Christ. As our king, Christ subdues us to Himself, rules and defends us, and restrains and conquers all His and our enemies (Westminster Shorter Catechism ...Read More