Message 7, Questions and Answers:

Gregory Beale, Michael Morales, Stephen Nichols, R.C. Sproul, R.C. Sproul Jr., and Derek Thomas answer questions ranging from Jesus’ baptism, the atonement, and church history, to their favorite books of the Bible, and the theology of N.T. Wright.


  1. Why was it necessary for Christ to be baptized? (1:17)
  2. Derek Thomas, before you ran out of time in your message, what was going to be your third proof point for the resurrection? (3:19)
  3. After Christ accomplished his atonement, when and how, according to God’s moral justice, did the Father’s disposition toward the Son change from unmitigated wrath to redemptive favor? (5:45)
  4. How does Jesus’ identity as the Word qualify Him to uniquely fulfill God’s commission to Adam? (9:15)
  5. Do you believe Jesus Christ carries Mary’s genes, or are His genes unique? (12:05)
  6. The Bible says that Adam was made in the image of God, but it also says that Jesus is the image of the invisible God. Is Christ in the image of God the same way as we are? If not, why does the Bible use the same terminology, and what marks the difference between our image bearing and Christ’s image bearing? (13:19)
  7. Stephen Nichols, as a church historian, beside the Reformation, what period in church history should we be most interested in? (15:25)
  8. Do you believe we need another Reformation, or another revival in this country? (17:25)
  9. What are some key principles or Scriptures that you gentlemen use to revitalize your faith when you’re severely discouraged or feel very dry in your faith? (21:49)
  10. What are your favorite book of the Bible, or if it is a Psalm, which Psalm? (24:08)
  11. What did Paul mean in 1 Corinthians 1:24 when he calls Christ the wisdom of God? (30:31)
  12. The Bible teaches that Jesus was raised from the dead after three days. If He was crucified on Friday and risen on Sunday, how is this explained? (32:35)
  13. Regarding unconditional election, my son asked me, “What’s the point of creating people if they won’t have an opportunity to be saved?” What do I tell my son? (33:12)
  14. Is Limited Atonement just theological semantics? How important is it for the believer to embrace this doctrine? (36:04)
  15. R.C. Sproul, you quoted Martin Luther saying that justification by faith alone is the foundation upon which the church stands or falls. What are we to believe about N.T. Wright’s doctrine of imputation? What does the New Perspectives on Paul do to sola fide? (41:13)
  16. Many in the Reformed camp believe that N.T. Wright is correct and has a good view on the resurrection, would you agree with that? (43:30)
  17. R.C. Sproul, I’ve heard you mention a connection with Francis Schaeffer in the early days of Ligonier. Can you share with us your relationship with him and how his influence helped you decide the structure of Ligonier Ministries? (45:08)

Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith.