Message 14, Questions & Answers #2:

Drs. Michael Horton, Steven Lawson, Alistair Begg, and Albert Mohler answer attendee questions. Moderated by R.C. Sproul.


  1. If God can do anything why can’t He lie? (00:00)
  2. How do you reconcile John 3:16 with John 5:5-6? (02:05)
  3. How can you discuss controversial issues of faith with a Christian family member? (04:02)
  4. Does human responsibility replace irresistible grace? (06:42)
  5. Do we need to be concerned about the differences between beliefs about the church and Israel and about believer’s baptism vs. infant baptism? (08:52)
  6. Would you consider theophostic prayer a form of gnosticism? (17:32)
  7. If there is one Holy Spirit guiding believers, why are there denominations and so many varied interpretations? (19:29)
  8. If God has ordained evil, how is He not the author of evil? (25:02)
  9. Why don’t Christians care that they are sinning? (29:03)
  10. How can I, a Baptist, reconcile the message of reformers with their seemingly inconsistent doctrines on baptism and regeneration? (42:30)
  11. According to Romans 9:14-18, God is not unjust in electing some to have mercy and some to harden. Nevertheless, some would say that He shows favoritism in some Scripture. (48:14)
  12. After postmodernism, what is the next big intellectual challenge to the Christian faith? (53:34)
  13. In reference to our justification, is there a reward for the elect according to their works? (59:48)

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