Message 8, Question & Answers #2:

Michael Horton, Stephen Meyer, R.C. Sproul, R.C. Sproul Jr. and Del Tackett answer questions regarding the Christian mind, science, old and new earth, and more.


  1. Does teaching a variety of scientific theories hinder students? (0:00)
  2. Can you explain the difference between presuppositional and classical apologetics? (04:47)
  3. How do we explain why classical apologetics is not equated with rationalism? (09:50)
  4. Do you have any suggestions for Christians who attend a secular college or university in regards to ways of avoiding indoctrination? (11:56)
  5. The state of education of children has deteriorated in terms of a biblical worldview. Where do we go from here in the family and in the church? (25:49)
  6. What can the local church do to come alongside of families and equip them, to repair the ruins of education? (32:24)
  7. Does the expression “doctrine divides” come out of anti-intellectualism? (36:45)
  8. How do you approach the question of the age of the universe? (42:09)

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