Message 6, Questions and Answers:

Stephen Meyer, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, and R.C. Sproul Jr. answer questions ranging from marriage and abortion, to intelligent design and assurance.


  1. How can I best share the gospel in the work place? (1:03)
  2. As a Christian, how do I submit to my husband, who is no longer a believer? (10:14)
  3. Dr. Meyer, is intelligent design simply the twenty-first century version of creationism renamed and repackaged from the 70s and 80s? (14:45)
  4. What is the future for denominations that remain silent on the issue of gay “marriage”? (19:35)
  5. For those of us who have family members who are homosexual, how do we adequately share the gospel with them and with their & “partners” without condoning their sin? (25:45)
  6. Dr. Mohler, will you address pornography and its place in the sexual devolution? (31:10)
  7. Should all sexual acts outside of marriage be criminalized? Why, or why not? (35:38)
  8. What is the responsibility of the church to help their church members understand the difference between political allies vs. spiritual enemies? (39:39)
  9. How do we stand up for life and remain sensitive to the pain of those who have had an abortion? (47:40)
  10. Paul, in Acts 17:30, says the times of ignorance God overlooked, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent. What are these times of ignorance, and what does it mean that God overlooked them? (53:25)
  11. If I can’t point to the day of my regeneration, can I still have assurance of salvation? (57:22)

Note: This Questions and Answers session is made available for historical archival purposes only. Further, answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith.