Message 4, The Imago Dei, Human Dignity, and the Present Crisis:

Christians have a message of dignity and hope to give to a watching world in times of crisis. In this conversation with Ligonier’s President, Chris Larson, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey discusses the lessons we can learn from Scripture and church history as we seek to honor the Lord in troubling times.


  1. What lessons can we learn from Christians who have faced plagues and pandemics before us? (2:12)
  2. How did some of the heroes of church history handle periods of plague and distress? (4:07)
  3. What is the source of human dignity? (7:07)
  4. Did Adam continue to bear God’s image after he fell into sin? (9:42)
  5. Can people lose all of their dignity? (11:18)
  6. What is the “cultural mandate” or the “creation mandate,” and to whom is it given? (12:15)
  7. What do the Ten Commandments teach us about God’s concern for human dignity? (14:33)
  8. What does it mean that God made “from one man every nation of mankind” (Acts 17:26)? (16:02)
  9. What implications do human dignity and value have for abortion and euthanasia? (17:21)
  10. Does the image of God provide justification for capital punishment? (18:52)
  11. How does the image of God frame the way we think about human sexuality? (20:35)
  12. Do men and women bear God’s image equally? (22:50)
  13. Can Jesus be truly human even though He never sinned? (23:47)
  14. What does God mean when He says, “I am making all things new” (Rev. 21:5)? (25:20)