Message 9, The Gospel, the Church, and This Present Crisis:

How can Christians unite to serve our neighbors in time of need? In this conversation with Ligonier’s President, Chris Larson, Dr. John MacArthur examines the remarkable opportunity set before the church today to be a witness to the grace of God in a corrupted world.


  1. What should Christians think about the COVID-19 global health crisis? (:31)
  2. How does the coronavirus pandemic provide us with a unique opportunity to proclaim the gospel? (2:28)
  3. How can Christians come together during the present health crisis to serve our neighbors? (4:36)
  4. How can Christians express the truth of human dignity during a worldwide health crisis? (7:57)
  5. How does being made in the image of God motivate us to live a holy life? (9:40)
  6. What comfort does the doctrine of providence bring to Christians during difficult times? (12:40)