Message 18, Interview with Sinclair Ferguson and Chris Larson (June 2011):

Chris Larson, president of Ligonier Ministries, recently sat down with Ligonier teaching fellow Dr. Sinclair Ferguson to discuss a variety of topics, including mentoring and leadership, corporate worship, the “new calvinism”, and sanctification.


  1. Who were some of those that invested in your life and made a difference? (00:56)
  2. When young people desire to serve in gospel ministry but do not have a relationship with a mentor, what happens? How does this apply to today’s church? (03:20)
  3. Does the absence of mentor relationships in the church contribute to the “guru-ism” seen today? (06:22)
  4. What situations in the contemporary church remind you of things that were happening in the medieval church? (09:02)
  5. Do you see a fascination today with what is new and novel? (11:48)
  6. A discussion of “new” Calvinism (13:17)
  7. Is there an accommodation we need to make in the way we do ministry in the 21st century? (15:25)
  8. In your teaching, do you consciously take your listeners through a “panorama” of Scripture? (19:13)
  9. In light of Christ’s finished work, how would you encourage a Christian to read the book of Proverbs? (22:46)
  10. Could you explain the difference between definitive and progressive sanctification? (24:54)
  11. What is the role of faith in our sanctification? (27:18)
  12. What would you say to encourage the believer who is seeking to trust Christ and yet has a besetting sin? (28:48)
  13. What should Christian parents do as they seek to disciple their children? (35:11)

Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith.