Message 13, Ask R.C. Live (January 2017):

R.C. Sproul was known for his ability to make complex theological concepts easy to understand. Over his decades of ministry, he hosted many “Ask R.C.” events to give people an opportunity to ask questions and get clear, concise, and trustworthy answers. Today, people continue to turn to Ligonier for answers—whether that’s at a conference Q&A session, during a special live online event, or through our biblical and theological chat service, Ask Ligonier.

In January of 2017, Dr. Sproul answered questions from Ministry Partners and friends over the phone and on Facebook Live. He discussed election, assurance of salvation, the anniversary of the Reformation, and many other topics.

This event was streamed live on Ligonier’s blog, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.


  1. In Psalm 18, David said, “The Lord dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me.” Was David there making the case for salvation by works? (1:50)
  2. I heard you take exception to the bumper sticker saying, “God says it, I believe it, that settles it.” Can you explain what is wrong with this? (02:30)
  3. What does God want most from us? (02:54)
  4. Are faith and belief the same thing? (03:09)
  5. Since God is omnipresent, does He manifest His presence in Hell or does He keep His presence from there? (03:35)
  6. What is the gospel in one sentence? (04:20)
  7. What happened to the Steelers? (4:37)
  8. How are we to think of the imputed righteousness of the Lord? (5:20)
  9. How are you feeling these days? (06:55)
  10. Tell us about the insignia (Mallet of Luther) on your jacket? (07:45)
  11. Tell us a bit about Ligonier’s plans for the 500th anniversary? (08:50)
  12. Is there still space available on the tours in Prague? (09:55)
  13. Why such a big deal about the Reformation and anniversary this year? (10:33)
  14. In evangelism, how would you respond to someone who claims that they aren’t elect? (11:25)
  15. How do we as faithful ministers address the danger of antipathy toward the full counsel of the Word of God? (13:35)
  16. How important are creeds and confessions? (15:03)
  17. What are some encouraging words for young men pursuing missions? (17:10)
  18. What’s the difference between regeneration and conversion? (18:50)
  19. What is the one teaching from Dr. Sproul that impacted your thinking the most? (20:23)
  20. What is the reformed perspective concerning the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Saints? (23:09)
  21. Can a person be 100% sure of his or her salvation? (27:50)
  22. What are the different ways we reach our audience at Ligonier? (30:00)
  23. What did you learn from others like, Francis Schaeffer, about teaching and reaching students? (31:00)
  24. What was it that gave you the vision to pursue this season of Ligonier with RBC, etc. (33:15)
  25. What is the biggest issue we face in the church today? (35:10)
  26. In light of a postmodern society where truth is “relative”, is evangelism more difficult? (36:31)
  27. Do the Pittsburgh Pirates prove predestination? (39:07)
  28. How do you respond to someone who claims to be a Christian but asserts that there is no such thing as Hell? (40:55)
  29. What is the role of the civil magistrate? (43:40)
  30. How would you recommend one share the truth about the errors in Catholic doctrine without being rude or argumentative? (45:20)
  31. What would you say in response to the doctrine of baptismal regeneration? (46:45)
  32. How do we respond to the hyper-grace movement? (49:00)
  33. Why should a Christian study history? (50:35)
  34. I’m a Christian, but I don’t feel any different. I hear all these stories and testimonies who talk about how they feel different. Do I have to develop feelings that I don’t feel right now? (52:25)