Message 18, Interview on Saving the Reformation (Optional Session):

In this session, Nathan W. Bingham interviews Dr. W. Robert Godfrey on his book Saving the Reformation.


  1. How did the Synod of Dort save the Reformation? (01:18)
  2. Why do so many people today lack knowledge of church history? (04:24)
  3. What can we learn from the Synod of Dort about the threat of false teaching? (07:49)
  4. How should we respond to Arminians today? (08:54)
  5. What would you encourage an Arminian to read as he or she studies these issues? (10:25)
  6. The canons are very practical, even addressing the eternal fate of children who die in infancy. Can you expand on the relevance of the canons to our everyday life? (14:40)
  7. The Synod of Dort uses very strong language. How does this instruct our defense of the faith today? (16:51)
  8. The canons condemn “curiosity.” What do they mean by curiosity, and how does it apply today? (18:48)
  9. What did you mean when you said, “If predestination is not a comfort to the people of God, it has not been rightly understood or taught”? (20:48)

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