Message 21, Interview on In the Year of Our Lord (Optional Session):

In this session, Nathan W. Bingham interviews Dr. Sinclair Ferguson on his book In the Year of Our Lord.


  1. How did this book project begin? (00:00)
  2. You state that it is possible to “have hearts that have been washed cleaner than our heads.” Can you expand on this idea? (05:11)
  3. Which should we fear more: the threat of persecution or the threat of false teaching? (07:47)
  4. What did you mean when you said, “Faithfulness is far more significant than fame when Jesus is building His church”? (09:29)
  5. Who was Ninian and what he can teach us about church life and church growth? (14:32)
  6. In reflecting on the Middle Ages, you note, “The decay of the church is never the fault of the world. Inward spiritual decline always precedes outward collapse.” What did you mean by that? (18:02)
  7. When we look back on the twentieth century and the state of the church, we can often despair. But you remind us that we should be encouraged. Why? (21:43)
  8. How do you think people will look back on the twenty-first-century church? (23:13)

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