Message 6, Questions & Answers #2:

A questions and answers session with Drs. W. Robert Godfrey, Julius Kim, Stephen Nichols, and John MacArthur.


  1. As a layperson, how can I address the issue of the prosperity gospel in my church? (0:29)
  2. Can a gay person who trusts in Jesus go to heaven? (2:10)
  3. Is it sinful for a Christian to produce a product for a gay wedding? (3:52)
  4. How does the church prepare God’s people to be influential in the culture without taking political positions? (6:08)
  5. If Jesus and Paul used harsh words against their opponents in Scripture, can we take that as permission to do the same today? (10:52)
  6. Explain repentance, and it’s place in the Christian life? (14:23)
  7. How were people in the Old Testament saved? (16:43)
  8. How are we assured that mankind will not fall again in the new earth? (20:49)
  9. How much is sanctification dependent on our effort? (24:22)
  10. What do you do when churches in your area are not preaching the truth, and you are unable to move? Why is church membership important? (26:45)
  11. What do you recommend to help me keep the Lord’s Day? (32:40)
  12. In addition to the Bible, what books have influenced you? (38:57)

Note: Answers given during Questions and Answers sessions reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith.