Message 6, Questions & Answers with Stephen Nichols:

A questions & answers session with Nathan W. Bingham and Stephen Nichols.


  1. Do you ever get scared when you share your faith or defend the gospel? (00:00)
  2. How would you advise our teenagers who are surrounded by Roman Catholic and New Age teaching? (2:21)
  3. How should I approach my friends when I have already tried telling them about Jesus and the gospel? (6:34)
  4. How do I know I am a Christian and loved by God when I constantly struggle with sin? (8:30)
  5. How should I respond to someone who claims to see no difference between the lifestyles of Christians and non-Christians? (10:48)
  6. How does Christianity differ from other religions when it comes to saving faith and evangelism? (12:24)
  7. What do I say to a friend who says they can’t become a Christian because they are a homosexual? (15:27)
  8. How can I know that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ when I’ve been raised in a Christian environment? (17:46)
  9. How can I speak in love to people who are being led astray by the prosperity gospel? (19:00)
  10. What verse or book of the Bible should I study or memorize to help me in evangelism and apologetics? (19:59)
  11. How do I maintain relationships with nonbelievers while trying to evangelize them? (21:17)