Apr 1, 2001

Christ is Risen: So What?

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We live amid a culture that revels in its efficiency. Thus, to a large degree, evangelicalism has grown apathetic to its own message, the message of the Resurrection. This predicament is often demonstrated in Gospel presentations that more or less leave Jesus on the cross. This cannot be the predicament for those who proclaim Jesus as the risen and reigning Christ of the world.

Michael Green’s book Christ is Risen: So What? addresses the predominant evangelical attitude of indifference toward the fundamental doctrine of the Resurrection. The title question is quite brash. Still, it is a question we ought to repeat to ourselves and to one another persistently so that we do not fall into that inexcusable mass of evangelicalism that has swapped its faith for a bumper sticker. Instead of asking the nauseating question, “Got Jesus?” we should be asking the pertinent question, “Does Jesus Got You?” Chiefly, we should be asking ourselves: “Do we rightly understand the absolute necessity and ultimate significance of the resurrection of Christ?”

Green’s response is unusual. He does not provide a discussion on the rationality of the Resurrection. Neither does he set in order 10 points on why the Resurrection is important. He presupposes the veracity of the Resurrection and displays the Biblical and theological foundations of the doctrine, assuming its significance at the outset. After all, Jesus did not principally call us to prove the Resurrection but to proclaim it. Nevertheless Peter wrote, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15a, nasb). Green aids us in formulating a Biblical defense so that we might more adequately proclaim the Gospel of our risen Lord.

I recommend Green’s book to all men and women who have found themselves in an apathetic condition regarding the truth of the resurrection of Christ, whom we humbly love and worship. Christ is Risen: So What? is published by Sovereign World Ltd.