Arabic Outreach

Help provide trusted teaching to Arabic-speaking Christians.

What Is the Opportunity?

To anyone watching the news, it is evident that this is a pivotal time in the Arabic-speaking world. Perhaps less evident is the increased openness toward Christianity, particularly among disillusioned Muslims. One missionary organization has said, “At this moment in history, there is unprecedented, growing disenchantment with Islam worldwide.”¹

Arabic is the sixth most-spoken language in the world. Some estimate that about 420 million people worldwide speak Arabic.² Some officially Islamic countries, such as Egypt, have a sizable population of Christians, but in many others the Christian population is very small.³

Arabic-speaking Christians are living in the middle of dire, uncertain times, and they have many questions. In countries across the Middle East, Christians face persecution and violence, in some areas even being driven from their homes.⁴ There is a clear opportunity to provide the comfort and hope of the gospel to people facing unspeakable trials and crises.

We are working with well-known Christian publishing houses in the Middle East and North Africa to plan the translation, printing, and distribution of a variety of titles by R.C. Sproul. These international partnerships with churches, organizations, and publishers seek to encourage Arabic-speaking Christians with the Word of God, especially in the midst of great suffering and turmoil.

How Is Ligonier Meeting These Needs?

We strive to reach Arabic-speaking pastors, laypeople, and unbelievers from all walks of life through the following outreach efforts:

The Reformation Study Bible

Our popular Reformation Study Bible helps to deepen Christians’ study of God’s Word. Work has begun on translating this trusted resource into Arabic. As with the English edition, the Arabic Reformation Study Bible will have more than 1.1 million words of verse-by-verse commentary and topical explanations, maps and visual aids, trusted contributions from seventy-five distinguished scholars, theological summaries from R.C. Sproul, and nearly two thousand years of creeds, confessions, and catechisms. As R.C. Sproul said, “The light of the Reformation was the light of the Bible.” The same is true today.

The Ligonier Statement on Christology

Confusion abounds regarding Christology—the doctrine of Christ—around the Arabic-speaking world. As the church continues to grow, it is imperative that believers learn the truths of Scripture as summarized in the great confessions of faith. We produced The Word Made Flesh: The Ligonier Statement on Christology to help Christians know what the church has historically taught and provide clarity on the person and work of Christ. Our goal is to distribute this statement worldwide, and it has already been translated into numerous languages, including Arabic, and a video in Arabic is available here

Web and Social Media

We are reaching people across the Middle East and North Africa online with the gospel, including lands where Christians suffer great hostility. Ligonier’s popular Arabic Facebook page, together with our dedicated websiteYouTube, Telegram, and Twitter pages, are providing ready access to trustworthy teaching. Our website contains several historic Christian creeds and confessions, some translated into Arabic for the first time.


Growing interest in the Reformed faith has sparked an eagerness for more resources from R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Our plans include translating, printing, and distributing the following titles:

Recently Published Books


Teaching Series

Our video teaching series help promote theological education in the Arabic-speaking world. Several of these series have already been translated into Arabic and are available through the Arabic YouTube channel.

Several short Q&A videos are also available in Arabic.

What Is Needed?

  • Digital outreach — $33,350 USD (annually)
  • Printing 1,000 copies each of five Crucial Questions titles — $9,120 USD
  • Translating, editing, and printing 1,000 copies of Lessons from the Upper Room — $7,441 USD

Funding needs reflect quoted estimates based on May 2023 foreign exchange rates and current translation fees.

How Do Your Gifts Help?

These are only a few of our many international outreach projects underway. We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our efforts through your financial gifts and prayers for the Arabic-speaking and global church. You can donate here. Your generosity helps us translate, print, and distribute trustworthy resources, providing countless opportunities to reach people with the truth of God’s Word.

Our policy is to apply gifts given toward a specific program. If we receive more contributions than can be wisely used for a given project, we apply these funds to meet other pressing needs in our outreach efforts. We are committed to stewarding all gifts wisely toward the goal of proclaiming the holiness of God to as many people as possible. Ligonier Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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Arabic Outreach

Help provide trusted teaching to Arabic-speaking Christians.

How may we help?

Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our outreach or the ways you can help further the mission. Please contact us using the chat bubble, email, or calling 800-435-4343.