Ligonier Ministries ("Ligonier") is entrusted with the stewardship of the intellectual property, including copyrights, that it creates. Ligonier encourages the use of its resources to help Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it. Ligonier balances this desire to strengthen Christians through access to its resources with its legal requirements to preserve these resources. Therefore, any use, reproduction, or distribution (online or otherwise) of Ligonier's content (or an associated sub­brand) must be done in accordance with the terms of this Copyright Policy.

Resources and Trademarks

This policy protects all resources owned by Ligonier by providing guidelines for their limited and honorable use for the purposes stated above. "Resources" include all books, magazines, articles, devotionals, teaching series, sermons, music, and all forms of media owned by Ligonier and provided by Ligonier through our many outreach initiatives including, but not limited to, 5 Minutes in Church History, Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies, Ligonier Connect, Reformation Bible College, RefNet (Reformation Network), Reformation Trust Publishing, Renewing Your Mind, and Tabletalk magazine. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, resources may not be reproduced or distributed for commercial purposes or monetary gain.

Written permission from Ligonier is required in order to reproduce, display, or in any way use a trademark, service mark, design mark, logo, or trademarked image owned by Ligonier or one of the aforementioned outreaches. Permission cannot be granted for any other images, artwork, or designs used in any resource, whether digital or in print.

Usage and Distribution Guidelines

The use of digital resources is subject to the following conditions:

To ensure the future effectiveness of Ligonier, you must observe the following usage guidelines in addition to the ones stated above when using any permitted Ligonier resource under this Copyright Policy. The following applies to all permitted uses listed below:

  1. No use is permitted that alters the content or format;
  2. Creates any derivative work or revenue;
  3. Charges any fees (except reproduction costs) or other remuneration for the permitted use;
  4. Appropriate attribution (as set forth in paragraphs below) is given.

Digital Media

  1. Subscribers to Tabletalk magazine are encouraged to make use of the digital edition(s) on multiple devices in order to share with members of the owner's immediate household (subscriber, spouse, and children).
  2. To share free streaming media from you must hyperlink to the page that contains the media or use the supplied "Share" button in Ligonier's media player to embed on personal websites.
  3. Dr. R.C. Sproul's sermons located at may be reproduced and distributed.
  4. Digital copies of audiobooks, ebooks, and Ligonier teaching series may be reproduced and distributed to members of the owner's immediate household (spouse and children).
  5. Brief excerpts from Reformation Trust ebooks may be quoted in print or online reviews. provided that the original source is cited and the content is not altered.
  6. All, articles, devotionals, product descriptions, questions & answers, and the Ligonier blog located at may be shared online if the original source is cited and the content is not altered. If you share any content from on any website, a link to the original content must be included in the attribution.
  7. When reproducing resources with permission, please include the following information: Resource/Message Title (hyperlink to original content), Copyright [year of publishing] by [teacher's name], Ligonier Ministries (hyperlink to

Physical Media

The use of the following Ligonier physical media resources is subject to the following:

  1. Ministry Partners are encouraged to reproduce and distribute "The Message of the Month" resource.
  2. Ligonier teaching series may be reproduced and distributed within the confines of the owner's immediate household.
  3. In addition to personal use, Ligonier Physical Media resources may be used in church classes, small groups, and in private group settings.
  4. Music produced by Ligonier may not be copied or distributed.
  5. When reproducing resources with permission, please include the following information: Resource/Message Title, Copyright [year of publishing] by [teacher's name],, 800.435.4343

Print Resources

Print Resources include books and magazines. The use of Ligonier's Print Resources is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Books authored by Dr. R.C. Sproul — at this time we are unable to grant permission to use these and they are not subject to this Copyright Policy. Specific requests for permissions to quote from these works should be directed to the work's specific publisher.
  2. Reformation Trust books — brief excerpts (not to exceed 250 words) from printed editions may be quoted in print or online reviews, as long as the original source is cited.
  3. Tabletalk magazine — the text of Tabletalk magazine may be reproduced and distributed in print provided that the original source is cited, and no more than a total of 500 physical copies are made for such purposes. When used for this purpose, the content may be translated.

Permission Requests

Any further copyright questions may be submitted through our Copyright Permissions Request Form or be mailed to:
Ligonier Ministries
Corporate Administrator
421 Ligonier Court
Sanford, FL 32771

These Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change

By using this website and its associated products, you agree to be bound by this Copyright Policy. Such use of the Ligonier website and any content contained herein does not vest in the user any rights of ownership or any license, assignment, or transfer of copyright. You agree not to challenge Ligonier's copyright ownership or their validity of the content contained herein at any time. If you do not agree to do so, you may not access, use, or download materials and resources from Ligonier. Ligonier reserves the right to change or revoke these terms at any time. Ligonier reserves the right and sole discretion to require the immediate removal of any Ligonier content, in any format, at any time, and users must comply upon receipt of notice. Further uses after revocation of the rights under this policy are a violation of US copyright and US trademark law.