Twitter Highlights (11/20/11)

from Nov 20, 2011 Category: Ministry News

Here are some highlights from the various Ligonier Twitter feeds over the past week.

  1. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust #JohnCalvinFact “he wrote full commentaries on 24 / 39 books in the OT & all of the NT books except 2 & 3 John & Rev.”
  2. Ligonier
    Ligonier The sinner in hell would give everything that he had…to make the number of sins in this world that he had committed one less. -R.C. Sproul
  3. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust What children need to see is not a perfect mom or dad…They need to see in us an unwavering commitment to Jesus -Beeke
  4. Ligonier
    Ligonier God’s graciousness…is not totally removed from any individual during this lifetime, but in hell, it is… -R.C. Sproul
  5. Reformation Bible College
    Reformation Bible College “Take away the cross and you take away the justice and righteousness of God” - Dr. Sproul, President of RBC
  6. Tabletalk Magazine
    Tabletalk Magazine When man — apart from Christ — is most religious, he is most rebellious (Waters).
  7. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust Not everyone who hears the Word of God is saved, & the same is true for many who respond to it initially. —R.C. Sproul
  8. Ligonier
    Ligonier Jesus does not invite us to come and hang out with Him. He calls us to die to self. -John Sartelle

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