Twitter Highlights (5/29/11)

from May 29, 2011 Category: Ministry News

Here are some highlights from the various Ligonier Twitter feeds over the past week.

  1. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust You have unlimited room for growth in holiness because Jesus is the bottomless well of salvation. -Joel Beeke
  2. Ligonier
    Ligonier God Himself supplies the necessary condition to come to Jesus, that’s why it is sola gratia - by grace alone - that we are saved. -Sproul
  3. Tabletalk Magazine
    Tabletalk Magazine “As Christ has a scepter to rule His people, so He has a shield to defend them.” - Thomas Watson
  4. Reformation Bible College
    Reformation Bible College You have to stop thinking logically to argue that the universe came into being by itself, out of nothing. - R.C. Sproul
  5. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust Every soul is considered as having been born in Adam until it has been reborn in Christ. -Tertullian
  6. Ligonier
    Ligonier We can disappoint God, we can disobey God, we can offend God, we can grieve God, but we can never again be estranged from God. - R.C. Sproul
  7. Reformation Trust
    Reformation Trust Where Adam collapsed, Jesus conquered. Where Adam compromised, Jesus refused to negotiate…The 2nd Adam triumphed for Himself & for us. -RC

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