Regeneration Precedes Faith

from Oct 26, 2018 Category: Ligonier Resources

Regeneration precedes faith. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul explains this single phrase that captures the essence of Reformed theology.

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Luther said, “justification is by faith alone, but not by faith that is alone,” and then he went on to say, “the faith that justifies,” Luther said, “is a fides viva;” a living faith, a faith that is alive. Where does that faith come from? And this question probably more than any other is what defines the essence of reformed theology. If there’s one phrase that captures the essence of reformed theology, it is the little phrase, regeneration precedes faith. That is the power of faith, the power of believing, is a result not of an act of our will independently, but it is the fruit of God’s sovereign act of changing the disposition of our hearts and giving to us the gift of faith.