The Pilgrim’s Progress with Derek Thomas

from May 06, 2021 Category: Events

The Christian life is one of conflict against the world, the flesh, and the devil. And that fact serves as a palpable reminder that we cannot trek through it without the One who has already overcome the world.

On May 3, 2021, Reformation Bible College streamed The Pilgrim’s Progress, a special message from Derek Thomas to begin RBC’s new Rare Book Room Series. This lecture on John Bunyan and his classic book provided a close look at Bunyan’s life, helping us discover how his writings may equip us not just for now, or for next week, or for next year, but for the entire journey that lies ahead of us as Christians.

This message was streamed on the Reformation Bible College YouTube channel, as well as the RBC Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Rare Book Room Series features individual academic lectures from distinguished speakers, highlighting books from the Rare Book Room on the Reformation Bible College campus. Interested in visiting and seeing it for yourself? Schedule a tour of the college today.