It’s Immoral Not to Preach the Gospel

from Apr 05, 2017 Category: Ligonier Resources

In this excerpt from our 2016 National Conference, Albert Mohler explains that since the gospel is true, it’s immoral not to preach it.


I was handed a book by a man by the name of Van Harvey. He was the author, and the book was entitled the Historian and the Believer. 20-year-old young believer, I read the book and what Van Harvey was saying—kind of the left wing of the left wing of the left wing—what he was arguing is that given modern historical consciousness, it’s immoral to claim more of what happened in terms of Christ and what is claimed in the New Testament than modern history can assure us actually took place. He actually makes the charge that it’s immoral to preach what we preach and to believe what we believe. But you know I can remember reading that book and having to mark it up knowing I was going to be tested on it and knowing I was going to have to talk about—I can remember reading that book and then thinking this—“you know if it didn’t happen, it would be immoral to claim that it did.”

But if by God’s gift of revelation we know that it did happen, and we know that that’s the gospel of Christ received as a first priority, if we know that salvation comes to those who hear that gospel and hearing that gospel believe and by believing are saved, and we know that the gospel is true and we know that Jesus Christ really was crucified for our sins and that He really was raised on the third day, then brothers and sisters, it’s immoral not to preach it, it’s immoral not to tell it, it’s immoral not to teach it.