Going Digital: Books and Music Available for Immediate Download

from Dec 21, 2010 Category: Reformation Trust


With more people using the Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers, we are now offering all of Reformation Trust’s titles as eBooks. Also, we gathered some convenient links where you can find our digital books and music at the Ligonier Store, Amazon, iTunes, and the iBookstore. Spread the Word. 

Reformation Trust Publishing

When Reformation Trust Publishing started in mid-2006, we had 3 titles. Now at the end of 2010, not only do we have a library of more than 35 titles, but they are all available as eBooks.

Find titles ranging from The Masculine Mandate to The Prince’s Poison Cup for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook, and more from any of the following retailers.

We’ll keep you updated as Reformation Trust eBooks become available through more retailers and resellers. You can also learn more about our affiliate reseller program here.

Ligonier Music

Ligonier Music supports our ministry of teaching God’s Word with music that promotes a sense of reverence, illustrating what we believe through beauty and artistry. In addition to eBooks, download digital music from iTunes or Amazon.

The Glorious Sounds of Christmas by Covenant Presbyterian Church Choir  Amazon | iTunes
Hymn Scenes by Larry Hall  Amazon | iTunes
Light All Around by The Master’s Chorale  Amazon | iTunes
Ligonier Sinfonia: Music of the High Baroque 1700-1750 by Ligonier Sinfonia  Amazon | iTunes
My Cry Ascends by Greg Wilbur  Amazon | iTunes
Scenes from the Life of Christ by Tom Howard  Amazon | iTunes
Songs from the Prayer Closet by Larry Hall  Amazon | iTunes
The Word Became Flesh by Dan & Heidi Goeller  Amazon | iTunes