Offer Ends Today: Save 50% on Crucial Questions Booklets

from May 11, 2019 Category: Reformation Trust

Can I trust the Bible? How can I be sure I’m saved? Does prayer really change things? Part of growing as a Christian is wrestling with questions like these. Dr. R.C. Sproul’s freshly designed Crucial Questions series aims to help you answer them.

Each booklet focuses on a single question, communicating a core truth of the Christian faith in everyday language. They’re simple without being simplistic, making them a useful study tool for new believers and mature Christians alike, and well suited for your church resource table.

Today is the final day to save 50% on all thirty booklets. This sale also includes two brand-new titles, Does God Exist? and How Does God’s Law Apply to Me? Browse the collection today to get clear, concise answers to your crucial questions.

Sale ends May 11, 2019.