Ask Ligonier: A New Podcast Providing Trustworthy Answers to Your Questions

from Jan 16, 2020 Category: Ministry News

Have you ever had questions about a passage in the Bible but you didn’t know who to ask? Has a theological issue sent you searching far and wide for answers you can trust?

Ask Ligonier is a new weekly podcast that allows listeners like you to submit questions about the Bible, theology, the Christian life, apologetics, and more to some of the most trusted pastors and theologians who are serving the church today. Each week, one of Ligonier Ministries’ Teaching Fellows or a special guest draws from years of careful study to provide knowledgeable, accessible answers you can trust. Episode one is now available.

Upcoming Episodes Include:

  • What Is Grace?
  • What Is the Gospel?
  • What Are the Arguments for the Existence of God?
  • What Should I Do When I Don’t Feel Saved?
  • What Hope Is There for Christians Who Experience Chronic Suffering?

To submit a question of your own, call 1-800-607-9386 or email an audio recording of your question to Your question, asked in your voice, may be featured in a future episode.

We hope you’ll join us every Thursday to hear trustworthy answers to your questions. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RefNet, TuneIn, Stitcher, or RSS, or by visiting


You can also receive real-time answers to your biblical and theological questions through our Ask Ligonier online chat service. Well-trained team members across various continents and timezones are ready to answer your questions. Our team is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.