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  • Happy Reformation Day 2008

    from Chris Larson Oct 31, 2008 Category: Articles

    Get a Reformation Study Bible for a Gift of Any Amount... Keep Reading
  • Introduction to The Reformation Study Bible

    from R.C. Sproul Oct 31, 2008 Category: Articles

    The Bible is a book. It may be called a collection of books compiled together into one majestic volume. As a book it is designed to be read. In this respect it is like all other books. But the Bible is not like any other book. It is the Book of Books. We customarily call this book the Holy Bible. Its holiness is found in its "otherness." It is a sacred book because it transcends and stands apart from, above, every other book. It is holy because its ultimate Author is holy. It is holy because its message is holy. It is holy because its content is designed to make us holy. Keep Reading
  • Endorsements for The Reformation Study Bible (ESV)

    from Chris Larson Oct 30, 2008 Category: Articles

    For those considering our 2008 Reformation Week special offer, we wanted to offer a little more encouragement by republishing endorsements for The Reformation Study Bible: Keep Reading
  • Sammy and His Shepherd, by Veteran Children’s Author Susan Hunt

    from Deborah Finnamore Oct 30, 2008 Category: Ligonier Resources

    In Sammy and His Shepherd, Susan Hunt offers families a delightful story, built around the twenty-third Psalm, that will help children grow in their understanding of what it is to live among a community of redeemed people guided by a loving Lord. Keep Reading
  • Wittenberg: The Protestant Rome?

    from Keith Mathison Oct 30, 2008 Category: Articles

    What happens when church marketing meets church history? Citizens of the German city of Wittenberg may soon find out. In honor of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's arrival in Wittenberg as a student and a monk, the leaders of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) have declared a "Luther Decade" -- a plan to rebuild German Protestantism. Keep Reading
  • Principles for Voting (audio)

    from Chris Larson Oct 29, 2008 Category: Articles

    Download and listen to this message by R.C. Sproul. This will also air nationwide next Monday on our Renewing Your Mind broadcast. Find your local station here. Keep Reading
  • The Power of Prayer (pt. 3)

    from R.C. Sproul Oct 28, 2008 Category: Articles

    Prayer is the priestly function of carrying a petition to God. In Old Testament times two major classes of mediators functioned between God and his people: prophets and priests. Stated simply, the prophet was ordained by God to speak his divine Word to the people. The prophet spoke to the people for God. Conversely, the priest was ordained by God to be a spokesman for the people. The priest spoke to God for the people. Keep Reading
  • The Power of Prayer (pt. 2)

    from R.C. Sproul Oct 27, 2008 Category: Articles

    The simple summaries Jesus gives are designed to encourage us to pray. We have not, he said, because we ask not. The pattern seems simple. We are to ask and we will receive. Elsewhere the New Testament expands the conditions, giving us a fuller view of what is involved in effective prayer. Below are five texts with the conditions that qualify the statements Jesus gives. Keep Reading
  • A New “Must Read” for Reformed Christians

    from Keith Mathison Oct 25, 2008 Category: Articles

    For the last several years, I have been hearing rumors of a book project that was being developed by Dr. James T. Dennison. According to the "word on the street," Dennison was working on a multi-volume work that would include most or all of the Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in English translation. Some of these confessions have long been available in English, but many have never before been translated. Occasionally, I would see references being made to this work on various blogs and forums, but I did not know when it would be complete. Keep Reading
  • Justin Taylor interviews Dr. Sproul about The Prince’s Poison Cup

    from Chris Larson Oct 24, 2008 Category: Articles

    Read it here. Keep Reading