Ligonier Blog / Friday / December 4 / 2020


  • Seeking the Lost

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 31, 2020 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Jesus went into the highways and byways seeking those in need of the gospel. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul examines Christ’s parable of the lost sheep. Keep Reading
  • Does the Incarnation Mean That God Changed? If Not, Why?

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 30, 2020 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Since Christ took on a human nature in His incarnation, does that mean that God has changed? From one of our live events, R.C. Sproul and Derek Thomas help us think carefully about the two natures of Jesus. Keep Reading
  • Special $5 Friday (And More) Sale: Save Up to 85% on Trusted Resources

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 30, 2020 Category: Ligonier Resources

    For one day only, save up to 85% on more than 100 trustworthy Bibles, books, DVDs, CDs, study guides, digital downloads, ebooks, and Tabletalk magazines. This special Reformation Week collection includes a variety of resources for $5 each, and numerous other significantly discounted items—including resources for as little as $1. Keep Reading
  • Registration Reopened: 2021 National Conference

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 29, 2020 Category: Events

    Due to changes in local restrictions for large gatherings, we have reopened registration* for our 2021 National Conference, Right Now Counts Forever. For a limited time, save $120 off the regular rate when you register to join us on March 18–20 in Orlando. Keep Reading
  • True Theology

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 29, 2020 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    Here’s an excerpt from True Theology, Burk Parsons' contribution to the October issue of Tabletalk. Keep Reading
  • Stream for Free: Always Ready

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 28, 2020 Category: Ligonier Resources

    All of the messages from Always Ready, our online event to help young Christian students defend their faith, are now available for free on, the Ligonier app, and YouTube. Keep Reading
  • Enjoy Two Free Reformation Resources

    from Nathan W. Bingham Oct 27, 2020 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Five centuries ago, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Today, this German monk is celebrated as the man used by God to redirect Christian history and recover the truth of God’s Word. His legacy has unrelentingly endured for five hundred years—but why? Keep Reading