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  • Ligonier National Conference - R.C. Sproul Jr.

    from Alex Chediak Mar 14, 2008 Category: Events

    R.C. Sproul Jr. noted that regardless of whether we see our children as in the Kingdom (as do many Episcopalians, Anglicans, and Lutherans), as "half-way in" (as do many Presbyterians), or as "fully out" (as do many Baptists), our obligations to our own children (and to those who gather with us on the Lord's Day) are the same: We need to continually preach the gospel to them and call them to repent and believe. The gospel is not something we master once and then move on.  Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Dr. Steven Lawson (I)

    from Alex Chediak Mar 13, 2008 Category: Events

    The city of Corinth was fully immersed in the Greek culture. The "golden-tongued" orator was the celebrity of that day - above athletes and other accomplished individuals. Public speech was regarded as the highest form of entertainment. The orator was always trying to win the audience with his way of words. So when Paul came to Corinth, they were sizing him up based on his abilities, eloquence, and even his size/physique. By Paul's own admission, he was lacking in these regards. With regard to diction and sophistication, Paul simply did not meet their expectations. Keep Reading
  • Blog for a Free Book

    from Greg Bailey Mar 11, 2008 Category: Reformation Trust

    If you're not just a reader of blogs but a blogger yourself, we have a deal for you. Last summer, Ligonier's publishing arm, Reformation Trust, launched a small pilot program under which bloggers can contact us for a free PDF version of one of our books. When a blogger posts a review of a book and alerts us to it, we send him or her a free copy of the book. Keep Reading
  • An Interview with Sinclair Ferguson

    from Chris Larson Mar 10, 2008 Category: Articles

    We recently interviewed Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, author of In Christ Alone (Reformation Trust Publishing, 2007) and speaker at this week's 2008 National Conference: Keep Reading
  • John Newton “On Controversy”

    from Keith Mathison Mar 08, 2008 Category: Articles

    John Newton is best known for his classic hymn "Amazing Grace," but he wrote much more. One of the most helpful things he ever wrote is found among his collected letters. Keep Reading
  • A Time for Everything (even blogs)

    from Chris Larson Mar 06, 2008 Category: Ministry News

    Since the Preacher tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything, we suppose that must include a time for a Ligonier Ministries Blog. The day has arrived and here we go. We'll use this forum to point our students to the helpful articles, broadcasts, events, and resources produced here at Ligonier Ministries. You will hear from other authors, pastors, theologians, friends of the ministry and more. On occasion, we will also provide links to edifying information on other websites. Keep Reading