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  • True Life

    from John Petersen Sep 26, 2009 Category: Articles

    As we look around America today, we see what our forefathers envisioned -- a land of freedom and opportunity. Even households at the "poverty level" in this country today have a much better standard of living than those in third world countries. Yet, the resounding theme throughout America today is to get richer. Because we live in a privileged society, most of us enjoy some degree of wealth. God has entrusted His people with varying degrees of riches. As Christians living in this country, the biggest challenges to managing our money are: How are we going to glorify God with what He has provided? How are we to live up to God's charges through Paul as described in 1 Timothy 6:17-18? Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 4 - R.C. Sproul

    from Alex Chediak Sep 25, 2009 Category: Events

    In 1965 we had our first son (our daughter was three years old).  My mother was very happy.  She had just received the dress she would be wearing to my ordination ceremony (scheduled to occur 10 days later).  We talked that night, and then she went to sleep.  That night she died in her sleep. I had spoken to her within 8 hours of the moment that I discovered her dead.  Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 3 - Q&A - Begg, Horton, Sproul

    from Alex Chediak Sep 25, 2009 Category: Events

    For Dr. Horton:  "You said that we are not an extension of Christ's kingdom.  How does that cohere with our being the body of Christ?  Our being the hands and feet of Christ, as it were?" Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 2 - Michael Horton

    from Alex Chediak Sep 25, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Horton read from Acts 1 (the sequel to the gospel of Luke), verses 1 through 11.  The ascension is actually part of the gospel.  It is part and parcel with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The disciples, even after the resurrection, were confused:  "Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?" They were basically thinking, "Now that He's been resurrected, why would he leave?" Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 1 - Alistair Begg

    from Alex Chediak Sep 25, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Begg began by noting that he often images people singing songs.  The disciples on the road to Emmaus might have thought to themselves "it's all over now."  They were speaking about the events of Jesus in the past tense. "But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel."  The Old Testament pointed to the coming of a prophetpar excellence. But at this point the disciples were both amazed and confused. Keep Reading
  • A Solemn Discharge of Duty

    from Tom Ascol Sep 24, 2009 Category: Articles

    One of the most popular sermons I have preached is entitled "How to Fire Your Pastor." I should have been suspicious when so many people requested copies of it! My purpose wasn't to advocate such action; rather, I wanted to help the church know what to do and how to do it if that unfortunate necessity ever arose. The issue is certainly relevant. It is estimated that in the United States over fifteen hundred ministers are dismissed from their positions each month. In some denominations it is almost epidemic. Keep Reading
  • The Ligonier Academy Doctor of Ministry Program

    from Keith Mathison Sep 23, 2009 Category: Ligonier Academy

    Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies is accepting applications from qualified candidates for admission to the Doctor of Ministry degree program. Our inaugural courses were held in July 2009, and the response of our first students has been overwhelmingly positive. We are very pleased to announce the following upcoming classes.     Keep Reading
  • Crucial Questions, New from Reformation Trust Publishing

    from Keith Mathison Sep 22, 2009 Category: Ligonier Resources

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of the newly revised and expanded editions of the Crucial Questions booklets from Reformation Trust Publishing. This series is designed to present Dr. Sproul's insights on various questions that tend to come up often in the minds of evangelicals today. The booklets deal with issues that trouble us, frustrate us, or confuse us. Dr. Sproul brings his trademark clarity and biblical and theological acumen to each topic. Keep Reading
  • RSB iPhone App Well Received

    from Karisa Schlehr Sep 21, 2009 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Released just a few weeks ago, hundreds of people have already purchased The Reformation Study Bible iPhone app. Here's what a few iTunes users had to say: I have a couple of different Bible apps on my iPod. But The Reformation Study Bible app outdoes even the ESV Study Bible app. Well worth every penny. I think this is one of the best apps I have ever used - definitely the best Bible software. The notes are great and accessing them with this app on the iPhone is perfect. Keep Reading
  • The Heresies of Love

    from Gene Edward Veith Sep 21, 2009 Category: Articles

    God is a unity of distinct persons. The one God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So says the doctrine of the Trinity. Some people believe in the unity and oneness of God, but deny that He consists in different persons. Heretics such as monarchists, modalists, and Keep Reading