2017 Regional Conference in Los Angeles: Highlights

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This weekend, hundreds of Christians from around the country, as well as several from Australia, Mexico, and the Netherlands, joined us for a regional conference in Los Angeles. The theme of our conference was “Discovering the God of the Bible.” No one can be saved without knowing and loving the God revealed in the Bible, so together we considered the mercy of God, divine sovereignty, the love of God, the holiness of God, and other important topics.

All of the messages from this weekend will be available to stream for free on Ligonier.org later next week. While you wait for that announcement, here is a brief summary and several highlights from the weekend. You can also browse #ligcon on Instagram and Twitter, or watch the questions and answers session that we streamed on Facebook Live. Be sure to also like our official Facebook page to be notified of future Facebook Live opportunities.

Summary and Highlights

Julius Kim began our conference on Friday evening with a message focused on how God’s powerful and purposeful sovereignty is a comfort to believers.

Stephen Nichols concluded the evening by examining the holiness of God and its importance in understanding who God is.

Saturday morning started with W. Robert Godfrey looking at Exodus 33-34 and how to understand God’s grace and mercy in light of His justice and righteousness.

Later that morning, John MacArthur joined us to examine Acts 17. From this text, he showed how the false gods of this world are incomparable to the God of the Bible.

We were pleased to be able to have R.C. Sproul join us via video to answer questions from our audience on a range of topics such as the Trinity, God’s sovereignty, divorce, predestination, and many more.

During our lunch break, W. Robert Godfrey taught a session on the Psalms, and Julius Kim taught on how to read Christ in all of Scripture.

Our teachers then gathered together to answer questions from those in attendance. W. Robert Godfrey, Julius Kim, Stephen Nichols, and John MacArthur discussed repentance, salvation in the Old Testament, prosperity theology, the Sabbath, and much more. You can watch this session on Facebook Live.

John MacArthur closed our Los Angeles conference with an examination of the doctrine of regeneration showing how we cannot enter the kingdom of God without regeneration from above.


God needs nothing. He is sovereign. —Dr. John MacArthur #ligon #reformed #reformedtheology

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Book signing with Dr. Stephen Nichols at @Ligonier’s regional conference in Los Angeles. #ligcon #reformed #reformedtheology #refbiblecollege

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