2016 National Conference: Day 3

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Today marked the end of our 29th annual National Conference, The Gospel. You can look back on the conversation and photos from the past three days by browsing the official conference hashtag #ligcon on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Below is a summary and several highlights from today:

Today’s Sessions

Our Great High Priest: The Heavenly Ministry of Christ from Ian Hamilton

Dr. Ian Hamilton began our final day with a message on Jesus Christ’s role as the Great High Priest and His intercession for His people. He concluded this message by reminding us of the good news that “all our hope lies ‘extra nos’—outside of ourselves.”

All Things New: The Return of Christ from Michael Reeves

Dr. Michael Reeves continued by considering the second coming of Christ and God making all things new. It will be the liberation of the Creator’s creation and all His people. His return will reverse the entirety of the curse, and bring perfect restoration and revival to the whole cosmos.

The Transforming Power of the Gospel from R.C. Sproul

Dr. R.C. Sproul closed our 29th National Conference with a message on the power of the gospel. Beginning in Romans 1, Dr. Sproul focused on the fact that the gospel is God’s. It is our duty to believe and proclaim it, not to change it. This gospel is about Jesus, who was born according to the Scriptures—a clearly defined message about Jesus’ person and work.

Social Media Highlights


Lee Webb talking with listeners at the #ligcon Renewing Your Mind booth.

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Stay tuned for an announcement on the blog next week when the messages from our 2016 National Conference are available to stream for free. We hope to see you again next year, March 9-11. Register here.