2014 National Conference — Day 3

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Our 27th National Conference has come to a close. Over three days, thousands of Christians enjoyed teaching and fellowship as they were encouraged to live as Christians in a post-Christian culture. You can go back and browse the official conference hashtag #lmnc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ for some of the updates, but here’s a summary and several highlights from this final day.

Today’s Sessions

How Then Should I Live in This World? from Derek Thomas

Our final day began with Derek Thomas considering the practical question of how we are to live in this world. We are called to live as sacrifices for God, giving everything about us in worship to Him. God does not merely want us to make sacrifices for Jesus, but wants us to be a sacrifice.

Do Not Love the World from W. Robert Godfrey

W. Robert Godfrey then turned our attention to the story of Samson to demonstrate that love for the world begins with our eyes. We must not allow what the world shows us to trump what the Word of God tells us. While the Old Testament narrative of Samson’s life is a warning, we may be encouraged that through faith and repentance, instead of being conformed to this world, we may be transformed by the Word of God.

The End & Purpose of the World from R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul closed our 2014 National Conference looking at the significance of Jesus’ ascension and His role in creation. He explained how all of creation is for the glory of the One for whom, by whom, and through whom all things were made. Jesus not only fills everything, owns everything, and rules everything, but everything that exists, exists for Him.

Tweetable Highlights


We would like to thank David Blair for photographing our 2014 National Conference. During the conference some of his work has been featured on our blog, Instagram, and Flickr.

Save the Date

Preparations are already under way for our 2015 National Conference, February 19—21. We hope to see you all again next year in Orlando.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the blog next week when the messages from our 2014 National Conference are available to stream for free.