2014 National Conference — Day 2

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The second day of our 2014 National Conference, Overcoming the World: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture, is now over. It is encouraging to see so many Christians seeking to live faithful lives in the midst of a hostile culture. Tomorrow is the final day of the conference, but you can still receive updates and join the conversation by following the official conference hashtag #lmnc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. Below is a summary and several highlights from today.

Today’s Sessions

Against the World from W. Robert Godfrey

What is the relationship of the church to the world? Robert Godfrey began our second day by looking at the legacy of Athanasius—a man in the early centuries of the church who stood firm against the world, for the truth. The truth of our Lord Jesus Christ is worth living for, and worth dying for.

God So Loved the World from Sinclair Ferguson

Sinclair Ferguson opened Philippians 2:5-11 in today’s second session to help us see the magnitude of God’s love for His church. He considered the character of the lover, the object that is loved, and how that love is expressed. The triune God giving His only begotton Son for a world of wicked men demonstrates the greatest act of God’s love.

Saving the World from Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas then considered the justice, wrath, and integrity of God as he looked at the Old Testament account of the destruction of Sodom. He showed us that the satisfaction of divine justice is at the center of the gospel and brings with it a message of divine wrath that we must never be ashamed of. Our salvation is by grace alone.

Questions and Answers with Voddie Baucham, Stephen Nichols, R.C. Sproul, R.C. Sproul Jr., and Derek Thomas.

Today’s questions included asking how God views the elect before they are saved, defining a Reformed view of speaking in tongues, and how to know if we’ve truly “repented enough.”

War of the Worldviews from R.C. Sproul Jr.

People do not fall into sin because they have bad worldviews. Rather, they build bad worldviews because they’ve fallen into sin. Our problem, and the world’s problem, is with our hearts. We are sinners.

The World, the Flesh, & the Devil from Voddie Baucham

Our second day came to a close with Voddie Baucham speaking about the necessity of maintaining a biblical awareness of the world, the flesh, and the devil. If we downplay the depth of their significance and influence, we expose ourselves to great problems. We were reminded of the radical nature of our sinfulness and the radical nature of our redemption.

Tweetable Highlights

Google Hangout

During our 2014 National Conference we’ve hosted Google Hangouts to give you brief updates live from the conference and to have conversations with some of our guests. Yesterday we spoke with David Murray and today we spoke with Stephen Nichols about John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and propitiation.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the blog next week when the messages from our 2014 National Conference are available to stream for free.