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  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians

    Book by John Calvin

    Forced out of Thessalonica by the Jews for his effective ministry, Paul wrote to encourage and teach the new believers there. Within his first letter, according to John Calvin, is a brief definition of true Christianity. It is a faith … Learn More

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  • Mark

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    Mark presents the fruits of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s lifetime of biblical study as expressed in his most recent calling. After a long and distinguished ministry as a teacher in various settings, Dr. Sproul accepted a call in 1997 to preach … Learn More

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  • Let’s Study Philippians

    Book by Sinclair Ferguson

    Ferguson skillfully leads us through this wonderful letter, explaining its teaching with masterful simplicity and showing its importance and relevance for the church today. Designed to be used by individuals, in family devotions, or by groups, each volume of the … Learn More

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  • 1-2 Peter

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    Peter wrote two letters to encourage churches to stand firm under persecution. The apostle Peter himself was familiar with persecution, as he probably wrote the letters from Rome, awaiting his death. From his own suffering Peter joins in fellowship with … Learn More

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  • John

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    In John, the second volume in the St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary series, Dr. Sproul deals with major themes in his easily understandable style. Readers will find invaluable insights into the goals John had in writing his Gospel, the background for … Learn More

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  • Romans

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    Throughout church history, the study of the book of Romans has been pivotal to understanding Christian life and doctrine. Convinced that “Paul’s fullest, grandest, most comprehensive statement of the gospel” is just as vital today, R.C. Sproul delivered sixty sermons … Learn More

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  • Grace and Its Fruits

    Book by John Calvin

    Large numbers of people were drawn to the ministry of John Calvin (1509-64), one of the principal figures in the sixteenth-century Reformation, and, such was their respect for him that, when he died, almost every person in Geneva attended his … Learn More

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  • Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible

    Book by Various Authors

    Most one-volume Bible dictionaries are aimed at scholars and specialists - people who already have a thorough understanding of the Bible. But this dictionary was designed, written, and edited with the needs of general readers in mind. People with no … Learn More

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  • Ask R.C. 2007: Best of Listener Questions

    Teaching Series by R.C. Sproul

    People have real, important, and difficult questions when it comes to theology and the teachings of our faith. In this series of “Ask R.C.,” Dr. R.C. Sproul answers a variety of questions about the Bible, philosophy, the Christian life, and … Learn More

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  • Choosing a Bible: Understanding Bible Translation Differences

    Book by Leland Ryken

    Of the many Bible translations available today, are some better than others? If so, what criteria can we use to determine what makes a good translation? Leland Ryken introduces readers to the central issues in this debate and presents several … Learn More

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